e-Learning: Footwear pattern engineering

In cooperation with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), TechnOrg is developing e-Learning courses for the leather, footwear and other leather products industries. The concept of e-Learning and its application in the leather and shoe industry (re)training is inrroduced in the survey entitled “e-Learning in the Leather-based Industries” by Dr. Ferenc Schmél that was submitted to the UNIDO Leather and Leather Products Indutry Panel held in Shanghai, China in 2012.  (To view this document click here.)

Footwear pattern engineering course

The first complete e-learning course was made for footwear pattern engineering: its structure is demonstrated on the following scheme.

Blocks of the above chart represent the 20 modules of the complete course.  Each of them is composed of 24-80 colorful and mostly highly animated slides, texts and flowcharts, terminology, pictures/illustrations, videos, references to outside resources.  Each modul offers a complete set of knowledge, explanation of methodology, instructions etc. covering the respective theoretical knowledge and related skills.  In principle the learner needs no further sources for obtaining the necessary information (including options) and to develop her/his skills (e.g. in pattern drawing and cutting).  A comprehensive test is made for each module for checking the efficiency of the learning effort.

The complete e-Learning course on footweare pattern engineering is ac cessibel to any interested persons or institutions (after registration) at the UNIDO website here.

Footwear technology course

The footear technology e-Learning course is now being developed in cooperation with UNIDO. The course structure is as follows: