Foot scanners

3D scanner for digitizing sets of points of human feet or shoe lasts, whereas the [space] relationship of these points is also registered. Their outputs generated by the built-in algorithm include linear and perimetric measurements, as well as files [of standard/widely used] files containing digital information to be used for reproducing 3D shapes in appropriate (e.g. Shoemaster® Custom, Design and Power) computer programs. TechnOrg distributes and supports the following devices:

InFoot Standard/High

It scans feet or shoe lasts and generates 27 linear (longitudinal, width, height), perimetric (girth) and angle measurements, as well as 3D digital models of the scanned object.  The client’s basic characteristics (name, age, gender, body position whilst scanning etc.) and the 3D graphic files (in standard formats) are saved on the connected computer/notebook. These data may be viewed on the computer screen and input into appropriate computer CAD programs (e.g. Shoemaster® Custom). The Standard type scans the object up to 150 mm, the High type up to 250 mm height.


Connected to a notebook or personal computer (PC) scans human feet (left and right) or shoe last, then displays main girth measurements, whereas the 3D model of the scanned object may be rotated on the screes and viwed from any angle.  Foot/last measurements and other characteristics (e.g. heel position, plantar properties etc.) are saved in PDF format and the object 3D model in STL format, which may be imported into footwear CAD programs (e.g. Shoemaster® Custom).