As consulting firm TechnOrg offers and provides with expert services interested local and foreign parties – Government agencies, public and private enterprises (companies, cooperatives), organizations, associations, societies, chambers etc.  In this context TechnOrg experts actively (directly or indirectly) participate in solving the given (theoretical and/or practical) tasks or problem, or support clients through preparation of studiessurveysproject reportsexpert opinionsrecommendations or other types of documentation.

TechnOrg leading experts

Experts/consultants have high level education background (designer, technologist, chemical and mechanical engineer, mathematician, system analyst, economist etc.) and minimum ten but usually more than thirty years practical experience.  All are fluent in several languages.  Many of TechnOrg experts have spent and/or are associated with reputed Hungarian and foreign companies, institutes, international organizations (e.g. United Nations Industrial Development Organization – UNIDO).  Beside those listed below further (Hungarian or foreign) experts having the most adequate (for the given task, project) knowledge and/or practical experience are employed.

  • Dr. Béla Baróthy –M.Sc., mathematician
    • Born in 1949, graduated at Szeged University of Science as applied mathematician and received his doctorate in computational mathematics.  Worked as head of the computer centre of the Geodetic Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Science (MTA), as mathematician at the VIDEOTON Consumer Services in Pécs, as senior researcher at the Leather and Shoe Industry Research Institute (BMKI, BCK); presently executive director of the OPTIMER Computer Hardware and Software Ltd.   Acted as UNIDO field technical expert in India, Ethiopia and Kenya.  Fluent in English, German and Russian, reads and writes Latin (mother tongue: Hungarian).
    • Competencies:  Information and security technology, computer programs, management, projects.
  • Jakov Buljan – M.Sc., biochemist
    • Born in 1943, graduated at the Zagreb University.  Worked at the Cibalia Tannery in Croatia (within the former Yugoslavia) as technical director, as director of a joint venture tannery in India, leather processing consultant in Libya and finally as senior industrial development officer of UNIDO Headquarters formulated and managed technical assistance projects related to tannery technology and pollution control in most of developing countries.  Acted as UNIDO field technical expert in Brazil, Burundi, Nigeria and Tunisia.  Fluent in English, French, Spanish and German (mother tongue: Croatian).
    • Competencies:  Leather processing, environmental protection, international affairs, project management.
  • Katalin Czimbalmos – M.A., linguist, technical interpreter
    • Born in 1976, Matura at the Vienna International School, graduated at the Lóránd Eötvös University of Science (ELTE) as English teacher and philology, received diploma in technical translations at the Budapest Technical University (BME), complted postgradual education in quality management.  Worked as chief teacher at the Globus Language School, as communication manager at the Embassy of the Korean Republic in Budapest, as quality manager at Sigma Kudos Hungary, presently acts as quality assurance officer at evosoft Hungary.  Fluent in English and German (mother tongue: Hungarian).
    • Competencies:  Documentation, translation, communication, public relations.
  • Dr. Tamás Karnitscher – M.Sc., PhD, leather technologist, chemical engineer
    • Born in 1951, completed the Leather Industry College, graduated at the Kiev Light Industry Technology University (KTILP).  Doctorate received for thesis on tanning chemical processes.  Career started at the Leather and Footwear Industry Research Institute (BMKI) where later became director (BCK).  Worked at the Simontornya Tannery: first as chief of technical development department, later as general director.  Was executive director of S&T Tannery and chief of the leather finishing plant at Eagle Ottawa.  In the meantime acted as legal technical expert in various Hungarian courts.  President of the Leather, Footwear and Leather Products Scientific Society (BCBTE).  Fluent in Russian and German, understands English (mother tongue: Hungarian).
    • Competencies:  Leather technology, upholstery, environmental protection, management.
  • Dr. Ferenc Schmél – M.Sc., PhD, footwear technologist, mechanical engineer, system analyst
    • Born in 1945-ben, completed the Footwear Technology College in Budapest, graduated as mechanical engineer at the Kiev Light Industry Technology University (KTILP) and as system analyst at the Computer Education Centre, defended doctor thesis computer-aided design. Worked as teacher at the Martfű Shoe Technical College, as senior research fellow at the Leather and Footwear Industry Research Institute, as senior industrial development officer at UNIDO Headquarters implemented technical assistance project in the majority of developing countries.  In the meantime worked as guest teacher at the Budapest Technical University and the Budapest Light Industry Polytechnic (honorary professor till to date), as evaluator of research project proposals at the European Commission.  Acted as UNIDO field technical expert in China, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Pakistan, Paraguay and Tanzania, as private expert in Egypt and Mexico.  Fluent in English, Russian and German (mother tongue: Hungarian).
    • Competencies:  Footwear technology, orthopedics, leather goods, CAD/CAM, system analysis, marketing, project management, training.
  • Ferenc Schmél Jr. – informatics specialist
    • Born in 1977, Matura at the Vienna International School, attended the Budapest Technical University.  Worked as computer programmer at several companies (SMEs) in Budapest, as technical development officers and chief programmer at the ELCEDE Hungary, worked at the German ELCEDE GmbH. as software system developer.  Fluent in English and German (mother tongue: Hungarian).
    • Competencies:  Information and computer technology, program development, CAD/CAM, tool design.
  • Zsuzsa Schmél – B.A., librarian
    • Born in 1951, completed the Martfű Shoe Technical College, graduated at the Hungarian Technical Library and Documentary Centre (OMKDK) and received diploma at the Ho Shi Min Pedagogic Polytechnic.  Worked at the Minőségi Shoe Factory as leather cutter and later as production planner, as technical assistant and later as technical librarian at the Leather and Footwear Industry Research Institute (BKI), operated the technical library at the VBKM Transvill, was the librarian of the Collegium Hungaricum (CH) in Vienna, worked as librarian at the Model Fashion School in Budapest.  Speaks German (mother tongue: Hungarian).
    • Competencies:  documentation, library, public relations.
  • Dr. József Új – M.Sc., PhD, mechanical engineer
    • Born in 1943, graduated at the Miskiolc Technical University, defended doctorate thesis in computer-aided design of mould.  Worked at Martfű Shoe Factory as chief of tools/moulds design department, acted as associated professor of the Budapest Technical University (BME).  Acted as UNIDO field technical expert in India and Myanmar.  Fluent in English, Russian and German (mother tongue: Hungarian).
    • Competencies:  Information technology, CAD/CAM, tool design, training.
  • Márta WiederB.Sc., engineer
    • Born in 1951, graduated at the Budapest Light Industry Polytechnic (BMF).  Worked at the Capital Handicrafts Company as leather goods technologist, at the Leather and Footwear Industry Research Institute (BMKI) as research fellow, sales manager at the Light Industry Machinery Company (KAEV), as chief footwear technologist at various plants of Adidas and later at Nike in Indonesia.  Acted as UNIDO field technical expert in Eritrea, Kenya, Nigeria and Tanzania.  Fluent in English (mother tongue: Hungarian).
    • Competencies:  Footwear manufacturing, leather goods, training.