Leathergoods CAD

Computer programs providing tools for cutting and working patterns of leathergoods (bags, small/flat goods, luggage, cases etc.). Their main functions include geometric construction of main/outer, lining and reinforcing components/parts, adding margins (e.g. for stitching, binding), pattern labeling, calculation of material requirements, control of pattern cutting. TechnOrg promotes and supports the following systems:

Mozart CAD

Mozart CAD has been exclusively conceived for leather goods and small leather goods pattern-making. Its working method shares the tradition of the artisan pattern-maker with the speed and accuracy of CAD technology.

Shoemaster® Leathergoods

The program provides digital facilities for interactive pattern construction such as drawing striaght and curved (spline) lines, preset geometric shapes (polygons, curves/ellipses etc.), offsets and perpendiculars; modifying lines (like moving, cutting/extending, rotating, mirroring etc. Main (outer), lining and reinforcing components are composed from the stylelines that may be supplemented by markers, labels, notches etc. This program works in parametric mode, i.e. modification of stylelines are immediately reflected on respective components’ shapes.  Patterns may be cut on connected plotter-cutters or components may be cut on digital cutting machines.