Digital cutting

Equipment used for [semi]automatic cutting footwear or leathergoods components from leather and/or leather substitutes (synthetics, textiles, coated fabrics, leatherboard etc.) by using digital outputs (files) of pattern engineering (CAD) systems.  Cutting is made by an [electrically or pneumatically driven] oscillating knife, marking is made by a pen. Beside these two basic tools the cutting head contains a pricker for making stabs and two punching tools.

  • Semi-automatic machines need a human operator for placing patterns (their projected images) on the surface of the material, whereas material properties (topography, quality/faults, stretch etc.) are taken into account by the operator in relaqtion with the required quality of the product components.
  • Automatic machines digitize material boundaries/perimeters. topographic areas and faults (both marked by a human operator) and prepares the cutting layout (which may be alrtered by the operator is so required).

Small- and medium-scale footwear and leathergoods manufacturing the Atom FlashCut Easy machines are used: